Need resources that will help you stay organized with your creative business or your blog?

Juggling clients can be stressful as a solopreneur or a blogger. Don’t worry, I’m here to share some of my favorite tools and resources for you to save your sanity. I get asked by tons business owners and bloggers what resources I use, to organize clients in my freelance business + as a blogger. Being a one woman show, can get quite demanding and overwhelming at times. Thankfully, in the few years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve came across some amazing resources + tools, that help me stay organized and sane in my business. Below are just some of the tools I’m currently using or have previously used in my business.


17 Hats hands down has been best resource and the biggest life saver in my business. You can manage the administrative side of your business, send out a quote to a lead and turn that quote into an invoice + contract. You’re also able automate workflows, so that with a click of a button, all emails, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, or documentation necessary for clients without having to send individual emails. They offer a free 15 -day trial to test it out with no commitment.


While everyone else uses Asana and Basecamp, I choose Taskworld. I use TaskWorld as the primary resource, to manage the creative portion of my projects from start to finish. I’ve been using them for the past couple of years and I really love how I can create projects and add tasks for my clients to check off when they are complete. I can upload files, set deadlines and communicate with my clients all in once place. Taskwork offers up a free 15-day trial to test things out.


Calendly is my go-to resource to schedule out meetings with my clients. This majorly cuts down on the major email back and forth, when having to set up meets and consults with clients. This has hands down saved me tons of time. They offer a free trail with one meeting type request.


Tyeform is a resource I use, to capture all of my initial client project requests.  You can customize your Typeform, to match your blog or businesses’ brand style and it has analytics so you can view various information on your potential client. They offer a free version

Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the primary resources, where I grab things like fonts, patterns and graphics that I use in my business and on client projects. Every single Monday, they offer up 6 items completely free for download. I even grabbed the theme I’m using on my blog now [that I tweaked a little]  from Creative Market and if you love it, you can grab it here

Epic Goal Setting Planner

The 14 page epic goal setting planner was created out of sheer need for getting unstuck and focused. A a freelancer + a blogger, you’ve got to set goals and milestones for yourself. If you don’t you’ll be working towards your goals in the dark. In order to accomplish my goals, I broke them down into smaller bite sized pieces, and made my goals easier to attain. I created this for myself initially, then decided to share with my readers for the price of a small cup of coffee. You get 14 pages, 5 printable inspiration printables for your desk or wall, to-do-lists and a calendar.


As a business owner or even a blogger, you should never stop learning. I use Udemy, to take online courses, to help me learn new skills or refine current skills.  One set of skills I think that every business owner and blogger should learn is how to use Photoshop. While you wont be a professional designer, knowing how to create a few quick things in Photoshop can really help you professionally. Here is a list of classes that will help you hone in on your Photoshop skills.

Site Ground Hosting

Finding a reputable hosting company is so difficult since there are so many to choose from. I currently use SiteGround for my managed WordPress Hosting. I’ve been with them for about a year and a half after switch from Host Gator [I was with them for 10 years] after having issues with them and I cannot express how happy I am with my move. The switched over all of my files and everything remained in tact with no downtime. They have hosting as low as 3.95 a month when you sign up using my link.


I currently use Mail Chimp for all of my email marketing needs. I’ve used Mail Chimp to create everything from eMail Courses [have you checked out my FREE 5-day visual branding email course?] to sending RSS email feeds.


CoSchedule will help you get your blog as well as your social media marketing life. The only way I am able to post on all of my social media platforms is to automate. There is no other way around that, aside from hiring a dedicated social media manager [which is not in my budget]. This tool not only helps you automate, but it includes an editorial calendar to help you stay organized and on top of your content.


I primarily use this video resource for eCourse type projects, or paid type products that involve video. Videos are easily embedded behind a password required web page, instead of using something like Youtube.

Wisel is one of the few tools that will allow you to schedule out your Instagram posts. Growing your Instagram can be quite a challenge if you’re not posting multiple times a day.

Are there any tools you use for your blog or business? Share in the comments below!



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