I’m on a blogging roll here guys. I think I can honestly handle blogging once a week. *Fist pump*

Today I’m showing you how to create a color scheme from any image you find online or that’s already on your computer, with one click.  No more trying to come up with a color scheme for your blog or business on your own. You’re welcome!

This is perfect if you’re in the beginning stages of building your brand or starting a blog. As I mention in the video, before you start building a blog or a brand, make sure you have a clear idea of who your audience is. Remember, when you’re looking to sell or market something to the masses, it’s not about what your personal color preferences are; it’s about what’s going to attract that client that will want to buy your products or service, or visit your blog. I use pink in my color scheme for my branding, not because I love it, but it’s feminine and it attracts women. My favorite colors are actually turquoise and green lol and I hardly ever wear pink. Keep that in mind when choosing your color scheme.

Ask yourself. Is this what would attract my ideal client?

If you still don’t know who your ideal client  is (shame on you lol), then click this link to download my free copy of “Jump-Start Your Visual Branding“. Then peep this video to create a color scheme that will wow your clients or audience.

Get into what I made within minutes, using an awesome free tool! Yasss!



 photo cred from Stocksy /Studio Firma


photo cred from Stocksy / AlexeyKuzma


photo cred from Stocksy / Srdjan Kirtic


The last one is my absolute favorite. I grabbed these images from www.stocksy.com to illustrate, how to create your own color scheme. Stocksy is an amazing stock photo website that offers up curated stock photos from amazing photographers. In short, it’s not your typical stock photo website.

Peep the video below to see how I did this in one click!



Additional Color Scheme Resources

Want more resources for coming up with color schemes? Check out www.designseeds.com and www.colourlovers.com, which are two of my other favorite places to grab ready made color schemes.

Was this helpful? Have you used this tool before? What do you use to come up with color schemes? Comment and let me know or share this with a friend!





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