For the past 3 weeks, we’ve been discussing the 5 Key Aspects to Visual Branding, which are all important . If this is your first time hearing about this series, then you can easily play catch-up. The 5 Key Aspects to Visual Branding are:

  1. Imagery
  2. Color
  3. Typography 
  4. Logo
  5. Ideal Client


This is one of my favorite parts, if not THE favorite part to visual branding. Typography. 

Typography In Visual Branding

Like color, typography also plays a huge role in your overall visual brand identity. Here’s why. You ever notice how certain fonts have a certain feeling? Let’s use the font that most designers hate as an example: Comic Sans. *rolls eyes*

Comic Sans is the font that would most likely be used in a Comic Book, or something playful and less serious in nature. You honestly have no reason to use this font, other than in a comic book. Now would you use that particular font for a Law Office? Probably not. Fonts like colors, evoke a certain feeling. Think about your font choices the next time you’re designing something for your blog or business. How do you want your audience or clients to perceive you?


Using the right fonts

Look at this website I designed. Look at the font choices I’ve initially used. I’ve used a Serif font, that looks great for legal types of businesses or industries that deal with more serious subject matters. How does the overall look of the website paired with these fonts make you feel? Does it look trustworthy? Does it look “legal” or look like they take themselves seriously?


Now look at it when I use Comic Sans. It looks a hot mess, and changes the overall look and feeling of the website. How does this make you feel? It makes me mad because, Comic Sans lol. Does it look or feel like the online presence of a law office? It makes it look amateur and less professional than the first one. The content of the website is speaking about Divorce, which is a very serious matter. Using the wrong font, or combination of fonts, can turn clients away and that means low or no sales for you.



So What font should you choose for your business? 

Well you definitely shouldn’t use the font of your competitors or the same pretty font you’re seeing everywhere. While beautiful fonts are often trendy, don’t use a font that has been overused. You’ll just start looking like everyone else. The whole strategy behind visual branding, is to stand out from everyone else. Stay away from trendy fonts or trendy font treatments like gold glitter or gold foiling. I like glitter too, but will glitter be trendy next year? It’s overused. You want your brand to be timeless and stand the test of time. If you keep following all the latest design trends, you’ll be spending a ton of time + money updating your visual brand; you could also potentially, confuse your audience. Use design trends in small doses, not for the main look and feel of your brand.

In my 5 Day Visual Branding Course, I will show you how to choose the right fonts for your business and even pair fonts together. 


Where do I find fonts?

You can find both paid and free fonts online. I would suggest actually purchasing the main font you will be using throughout your branding. The reason why is, free fonts tend to be overused and they also have certain restrictions when being used commercially. Here are my favorite font resources that I use regularly for my personal and client use:

Do you want more in depth training on which fonts to use for your brand? What the difference between a Sans Serif, Serif, Display or Slab Font is? Please sign up below for my free 5 Day Visual Branding Course or you can sign up to download my Ultimate Guide to Visual Branding


Which fonts are you using for your brand? What are your favorite fonts? Let me know in the comments below!



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