Do you know the specific person you should be marketing to?



Welcome to the last installment of the #BuildAVisualbrand series. I saved the best for last, because without this part, you can’t build any of the other parts. I was initially going to do a full series on JUST defining your ideal client, but I decided to include this in here, because this is a key aspect in designing or cultivating a visual brand.

If you’ve landed here for the first time let’s recap the 5 Key Aspects in Defining your Visual Brand: 


Why you need to define your ideal client or client avatar? 

By defining who you want to purchase your products or service, or even read your blog, it helps answer all types of questions. You will be able to figure out:

  • Who you should market to
  • What types of marketing grabs their attention
  • What type of language they respond to (your brand voice)
  • What types of visuals attract them


Who is your ideal client?

  • Your ideal client is the person that will get the most value out of your product or service
  • They have the money to pay you for your product or services
  • They have a personality and style you want to work with
  • Their goals and beliefs align with yours 
  • They value and respect your expertise


How do you find your ideal client?

Here is an example of the list of questions, that is in Day 3 of my free 5 Day Visual Branding Course, that will help you define your ideal client.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Income 
  4. Occupation 
  5. What do they do for a living?
  6. Where do they shop?
  7. What are their core values or beliefs?
  8. What problem does my service or product solve for my client?
  9. What stresses my client out on a regular basis, that my product will help them sleep better at night?
  10. What are are the three biggest challenges my client is facing in their business or life right now?
  11. What will happen if the problem they have is solved?


Why these questions are important?

The last half of the questions are important, because you are literally getting into the mind of your ideal client. You can start to craft the messaging you use on your website, your blog, and throughout your social media accounts. You will be speaking directly to her/him, which in turn they will want to buy what you are selling.


I hope you enjoyed this series. This was just a taste of what is in store inside the free 5 Day Visual Branding Course.


In The 5 Day course you will learn:

  1. Who Are You? – Define who you are as a brand and what sets you apart from your competition
  2. Brand Words – This exercise will establish brand words, that define your brand’s personality
  3. Define Your Ideal Client – Find out who your ideal client is, and learn how to speak directly to them.
  4. Mood Board – Establish your visual brand, by combining textures, images and colors.
  5. Typography – Learn how to design your own header, social media graphics and learn how to pair typeface


Plus these bonuses 

  • 6 Done For You Files
  • 10 Downloadable Worksheets
  • Resources Library for Soloprenuers, Bloggers + Influencers
  • Training Video
  • Mini Epic Goal Setting Planner
  • + More!

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