You have an amazing idea and you want to get on it now, but you have no website. What if I told you, “so what!” and you don’t even need a fully functioning website to start building your brand and creating a buzz. This is the first thing you’ll need, before you start creating that buzz.


Create A Landing Page


Stop what you are doing right now, purchase the domain name (if you haven’t shame on you), get some hosting, (you can get some here or here), install WordPress and create a landing page or a coming soon page. You can grab any of the free coming soon plugins that are in the WordPress repository like Coming Soon by Seed Pro or you can do what I do, and create a quick landing page using the Divi Theme (which you can also use for your website) and start collecting email addresses. This will allow you to capture email addresses, and build your audience, long before your website officially launches. You’re going to need this for the rest of the tips below. I created this for my new project in the works, I’m working on things on the back-end, but I’m not quite ready to launch. That doesn’t mean that I can’t have something up in the meantime to collect email addresses.


1. Run A Contest/Giveaway

There is nothing better than creating buzz, like a contest. I ran a contest earlier this year, for my beauty blog, to start building an audience. Since my blog is focused on beauty, I gave away a popular makeup palette that I knew my viewers wanted. I gained 100 new followers + subscribers after a week of running the contest. It wasn’t a ton, but that’s a 100 new people, who had eyes on my blog. Find out what your audience wants and offer it up in exchange for something you need from them. Your email list is your bread and butter, so instead of asking for likes or follows (which is also great too!), ask for that email address. Send them to your landing page to collect ALL the email addresses.


2. A Facebook or Instagram 30 Day Challenge

This is a sure way to get your audience involved. Here’s what you do:

  • Find out what your audience would love to participate in
  • Outline tasks for the 30 days in a list
  • Add the list to a pretty graphic
  • Create a hashtag for it
  • Tell them to share it

Buzz created!


3. Instagram Countdown

I tell all of my clients with brands who are about to launch a new product, service or website, to start a countdown on Instagram as soon as you know the launch date. I don’t have the best example, because I have a built-in audience already, but 2 weeks before I launched my brand new website, I announced to my followers, that 2 weeks from that date, I was going to be launching a new website AND celebrating my 5 year business anniversary. I created a graphic for the first day of the announcement of the launch, a graphic for the day before the launch and then a graphic for the day of the launch. I would recommend doing this over a 30 day period, with updates on Instagram, every 5-7 days. People are busy and will forget so, keeping your new launch fresh on their minds, will keep them interested in your launch. Don’t have the graphics for a countdown? You can purchase one here


These are only 4 examples. Of course there are many other ways you can generate a buzz around your brand, product or service. Have you tried any of these suggestions? What have you tried to generate buzz around your product, brand or service? Tell us in the comments below!






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